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1. Raise your car insurance deductible
Many people with collision insurance have a $500 deductible and sometimes lower. This is the amount you need to pay if you are in an accident (that is your fault) before your insurance kicks in. If you are a responsible driver you may want to consider raising your deductible to $1000. This can save you over $150 dollars a year which averages to $12.5/month


2. Gym membership reimbursement
Some health insurance plans offer a reimbursement up to $150.00 for belonging to an approved gym for four months. All you need to do is complete and send the correct form. Below are links to these forms.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Harvard Pilgrim


3. Get rid of cell phone insurance
If you have a cell phone that is over 1 year old and you are still paying for cell phone protection insurance you are wasting your money. Most carriers charge at least $5 a month for this coverage that requires you pay a deductible of $50-$100 per claim. If your cell phone is older than a year you can upgrade or find a cell phone on EBay for less than the cost of your deductible.


4. Brew your own coffee in the morning
A quick stop at the local coffee shop will add up quickly. A medium cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts is $1.50. If you stop for a coffee once a day during the work week this adds up to $45 w/o tax. A study found brewing a cup of coffee at home averages just 17 cents per cup or $5.10 per month a savings of around $40 per month.

Do you have tips on how you save money?  Share the wealth by letting us know! :-)


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