So you are getting ready to graduate from college; you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and as you get closer you are getting increasingly nervous. Here are 10 tips for navigating your way through this stressful time.

  1. Don’t stress out too much, college might end, but life goes on. Enjoy your time with your friends.
  2. Think about what you want to do when you get out.  This does not have to include a real job right away in fact in most countries graduates are encouraged to take a year to travel.
  3. If you have a job lined up if possible postpone your start date until after the summer if possible.  Most companies will allow this, and it will give you a chance to adjust to your new life.
  4. If you get a job right out of college stay on your parent’s health insurance for a little while.  With the new healthcare law you are able to stay on your parent’s health insurance until you are 26 as long as you a declared as a dependent on their taxes.  Once you are off their insurance you can’t get back on and if you need to purchase health insurance you can expect to pay at least $400.00 a month.
  5. If you took out student loans figure out how much you owe and how much you will be required to pay each month.  Most of the time you have 6 months before you need to make a payment. It is very important to figure out what you will need to pay each month so you can plan ahead and prevent damaging your credit.
  6. If possible, live with your parents for a little while.  You can save a lot of money, and if you’re smart you will take this savings and pay down any debt, or save it.  Moving into a nice apartment might seem cool, but it is also very expensive.
    Month expenses saved by living at home
              $400.00 Rent (very cheap, or split)
              $150.00 Utilities
              $400.00 Groceries (food is more expensive than you think)
              $950.00 Total (this is a minimum estimate)
  7. Stay in contact with your friends.  Talk frequently, schedule get-togethers frequently these can be done through Facebook.
  8. Don’t buy a new car.  If you need a car buy a used one.  You can save thousands and that saving can go into paying off any debt you may have.
  9. If you get into a job and you hate it. Leave the job if you can afford to do it.  Remember work is supposed to be fulfilling, and if you find yourself dreading going to work, you are wasting your life.
  10. If you get out of college and you don’t know what to do, don’t go back to college to delay having to go to work.  It is not the same, and when you get out you will have more debt.  If you are not sure what to do, volunteer, travel, or work for a non-profit. This time will help you find yourself, and perhaps shed some light on what you are supposed to do with your life.

I hope this helps those of you about to graduate.  Good luck out there!


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