For almost a hundred years automakers in the United States have designed their around an
internal combustion engine. The truth is internal combustion engines are horrible when it comes
to efficiency, most of the power generated is lost in the form of heat. Back in the 1950s most
people didn’t care if their car got 5 miles a gallon because gasoline was around 15 cents a gallon.
To fill a 20 gallon fuel tank the driver would pay just $3 dollars!! Today with gasoline again
reaching near $4 dollars a gallon, filling that same 20 gallon tank will cost you $80 dollars!!

While in the end these engines are still very inefficient there are some ways you can maximize
your cars mileage. Here are 10 tips to help you increase your car’s gas mileage.

1. Make sure your tires are fully inflated.
Tires that are not fully inflated can reduce fuel economy by over 10%.

2. Change your air filter regularly.
A clogged air filter will cause your car to run poorly and will reduce gas mileage.

3. Don’t drive aggressively.
Slamming on the accelerator will reduce your fuel mileage. Most manufacture fuel
mileage is calculated at 55mph, drive over that speed and your gas mileage will go down.

4. While on the highway use cruise control.
New cars are computer adjusted, cruise control your car will maximize its efficiency.

5. Draft off large trucks/buses/tractor trailers.
Driving behind large trucks and busses will reduce air drag on your car, resulting in
higher gas mileage.

6. Get a synthetic oil change.
Synthetic oil will improve your engine’s efficiency. Replacing transmission and gear oil
with a synthetic type will also improve fuel economy by reducing mechanical drag.

7. Remove excess weight from your car.
Stop using your car as a storage facility and empty it out. This reduced weight will
improve mileage.

8. Fix your check engine light.
If your yellow “check engine” light is on. There is an issue with your engine; it might
be running ok to you, but that light means there is a malfunction with the cars computer
system. In some cases this will greatly reduce fuel economy.

9. Re-route/ re-time your commute.
If you go to work in rush hour and you are in stop-and-go traffic you will kill your gas
mileage. Try to limit stops and maximize highway usage. This may be accomplished by
leaving an hour early, or trying different route.


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