The other night, I came home from work drained, and mindlessly plopped down in from of the TV. Because I don’t pay for cable, I was limited to Netflix, Blockbuster Online, Amazon Video Streaming, and whatever else made the cut to be a widget on my Vizio Internet Enabled TV.

I clicked on the video services “TED – Ideas worth sharing“, and thought…well now I need to share this =)

The TED video that caught my attention, was also the shortest: a 3 minute clip by Richard St. John who has summed up 500 interviews / 7 years of data into 8 simple steps of what leads to success.

To succeed, you need to do the following:
1) Have Passion. Do you what you love; let your passion drive you.
2) Work Hard. Nothing comes easy, but if you work hard at something, you will see results.
3) Be Good at What you Do. To be successful, master your trade – give it your all.
4) Focus Yourself.
5) Push Yourself. Physically, mentally – strive to get there! Push through any self-doubt / thoughts of failure, and keep moving forward!
6) Serve. Serve others something of value.
7) Have an idea.
8 ) Persist. Persistence is the number one reason for success.

Want to know more? Here’s the video clip:


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