Life moves fast.  Need an easy way to manage all of those open items?  Resolutions, grocery lists, things to pack for your vacation? I’ve tried many of applications to try to help me get organized, but instead of helping it became  a hassle. Until, I found Tasks, a mini application within Gmail. If you are an avid Gmail user like I am, managing your tasks just got easier!

Here’s what you need to know:

Log into your Gmail account as usual.  Select Tasks.










In the bottom right hand corner, your tasks tool bar pops-up.  Now you can add items to your list, or add a new task list.

Do you check your e-mail on your iPhone?  Now you can check your tasks easily as well.  Download the Google My Tasks application from the App Store, or just pull up the URL in the browser.


Want to watch a video of how this all works?


Do you have stories / tips of your own when managing to-do lists?  Share them via comments below!


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