Do you know where your money goes each month? Are you managing investments?  Do you have student loans?  Finances can get complicated, especially when you have a few different accounts in the mix. Need a better way to manage your financial life?  To stay on top of it all, check out!

Mint has a few different key features that won me over. Here’s my take on the site:

1.  It’s simple to set up.  Go to enter your account information, and you are ready to go!

2.  Trending of your credit / debit purchases.  Ever wonder how much money you spend on your double espresso’s each month?  Mint automatically categorizes your purchases so that it’s easy to see the total amount spent.  It also has some slick charts to visually display your spending habits.

3.  Stay on track with your budget.  With Mint’s budgeting tools, you can set a specific amount of your total monthly income for a budget.  Mint will track how much you spend, and alert you if you are over-budget. For example, if you have a $1000. budget for housing, and you spend $600. on rent, $200 on utilities, mint will categorize these purchases, and show you have $200. remaining.

4. See everything in one place.  Knowledge is power. Capitalize on this simple way to see all your financial information. Know your financial net-worth, and set goals to improve your spending habits.

Ready to get started?  Go to, and take control of your financial life!


Need more information?  Watch how to manage your money with Mint in just 90 seconds!


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